Saturday, August 9, 2008

Washington road trip

I drove up to Washington state last week for a sort of combined vintage BMW, hiking, and visiting friends trip. I then got to use a family friend's cabin near Mt. Rainier, which made it very easy to get up to the mountain in the mornings for day hikes. It was great to see Washington during the summer (though it was surprisingly hot). Within a couple of days, the fog cleared right up and revealed spectacular views of the mountain and surrounding forests. In the summer, the meadows around Mt. Rainier are covered in all sorts of colorful wildflowers but there are still fairly large snow fields to cross on most of the higher altitude trails.


Anonymous said...

This is "steve in reno".
I am in need of your dash site to remove my dash in my e9.
New front windshield to be removed and I know you are the main resource for this.
Any personal help would also be appreciated!!!
Hope to hear from you.

andrey said...

No problem. I'll try to dig up the notes I used to have on the web and get them back up on the web server.